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Re: Debian potential user, a question or two

On 9/21/16, Devin Prater <r.d.t.prater@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all. I feel as though I've traveled the operating system globe. I
> started out with Windows, then got a Mac when the Mac accessibility started
> making waves among the blind, around the MountLion/Maverics days. Then I
> got into Emacspeak, and since I used that so much, I thought Linux would be
> a good fit for me. Over the years, I'd gotten a grip on Linux, through
> virtual machines. So I installed Sonar Gnu-Linux, a dirivitive of arch, on
> the Mac Mini I've had. Well, Voxin installed well on it, but Emacspeak was
> slow with the eSpeak server, and didn't work with the Voxin server at all.
> So, I've decided to give Debian a go, within a virtual machine on my new
> Windows laptop, core i7, 8 gigs ram. Any ideas on how I should proceed? Is
> there a simple CLI version that would possibly work, as Linux in the GUI
> just doesn't work well enough for me to use effectively.
> Thanks for any help.

Hi, Devin.. I identify myself regularly as a Linux/Debian user who has
increasing cognitive issues (disability). I've been using computers
since 1994, but my mind, my cognitive grasp leans toward that of a
newbie on regular occasion.

That said, I use debootstrap within Debian to refresh, upgrade my
installs regularly over time. That's all done via CLI. I LOVE IT. It
makes me feel like I'm in total control, but it might not be the way
to go for everyone because there ARE glitches that occur.

The other disclaimer I have is that I've never tried it from any other
operating system. I don't know if that's even possible.

With a debootstrap, you start out with absolute bare, bare bones
Debian when you go that route. You install and tweak almost everything
beyond the extremely basic debootstrap core software packages that
just get your foot in the installation front door.

But and again... I LOVE IT. I  love going that route.

There are also "net installs" that can be done that start out small.
I've never gone that route so I don't know for fact, but it's always
felt like that's the next step up from debootstrap. It's my
understanding that you work your way up to the specific system you
need (regarding which packages you want).

If someone here has gone the net installation route, could you please
give feedback? It seems like it would also be CLI, but I don't know.
Maybe I'll try that myself this week so I know for next time someone
asks. My uninformed kneejerk is to think that's probably the more
regular user friendly route to try when compared to debootstrap. :)

Yeah, I know. Downloading and installing from ISO format comes to
mind, too. I've never been successful there and have seen a lot of
others have trouble with it, too. That's why it's also the last thing
I suggest. *grin*

Good luck!

Cindy :)

Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with duct tape *

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