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Re: espeak-ng fork of espeak

On 5 September 2016 at 22:02, Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:

I'm having a look at using espeak-ng instead of espeak in Debian, but I
couldn't find a release for it.  Is the last version in git supposed to
stable?  We don't usually take a random git snapshot of packages :)

Hi Samuel,

I have created a 1.49.0 stable release of the current codebase, as well as a 1.0 release of the dependant pcaudiolib project (https://github.com/espeak-ng/pcaudiolib).

The headers and voice data have been moved to avoid file conflicts with the espeak upstream versions (allowing both espeak and espeak-ng to be installed on a system).

eSpeak NG is still ABI and API compatible with eSpeak, and can read the eSpeak voice data.

NOTE: The voice data is now buildable from the command line without the wxWidgets dependency. This is all done in an autotools-based build system. Editing the voice data (i.e. an espeakedit GUI equivalent) is not currently supported, so the espeak version of espeakedit would be needed in that case.

Kind regards,

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