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Re: method for changing wireless networks in Debian Stretch with mate installed from the command line

Nick Gawronski <nick@nickgawronski.com> wrote:
> Hi, I have installed the Stretch Debian release with software speech and get
> the screen reader on message from orca or the console login prompt when I
> reboot the system.  My question is if all I wish to do currently is to
> change wireless networks is there a way to do this from the console so I
> don't have to login into mate

If you're running NetworkManager, try the following command:
nmcli connection show
to list the available profiles, then
nmcli connection up <profile name>
to activate the one you want. This last command probably requires root
privileges. I haven't tried it, since NetworkManager automatically detects
which wireless network is available in the enviornment and automatically
chooses the correct profile. However, if you have profiles for multiple
wireless networks that are reachable from the same location, you may then need
to select manually.

For further details, see the nmcli(1) manual page.

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