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Re: debian-installer issues with no wireless network connection after a text based Jessie installation

On Thu 19 May 2016 at 23:52:57 -0500, Nick Gawronski wrote:

> Hi, I am using the net installer of Jessie version 8.0.0 that includes the
> firmware as I am totally blind and found that the latest installer once it
> was installed I had no software speech after installing the system.  I was
> installing Debian Jessie on my laptop with just a text based system mainly
> for a rescue system for when X windows is down and for times when I don't
> wish to use X windows.  I found that during the installation I was able to
> connect to the internet and successfully install the system but once the
> system was rebooted I had no internet access over any network method.  What
> would it take for the debian installation to copy the network settings from
> the installer to the target system as it makes no sence why networking would
> be setup and working during a text based installation but not in the target
> system?  What file should I edit to add my wireless network as well as my
> wired network using DHCP so they both will work when my text based system
> boots?  Nick Gawronski

I preseed this in a file with

  d-i netcfg/target_network_config select ifupdown

The same outcome should be possible with an installer boot parameter:


should do it (I think).

The wired network could be added after booting into the new system;
unless you want to do it by preseeding a late_command.



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