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debian-installer issues with no wireless network connection after a text based Jessie installation

Hi, I am using the net installer of Jessie version 8.0.0 that includes the firmware as I am totally blind and found that the latest installer once it was installed I had no software speech after installing the system. I was installing Debian Jessie on my laptop with just a text based system mainly for a rescue system for when X windows is down and for times when I don't wish to use X windows. I found that during the installation I was able to connect to the internet and successfully install the system but once the system was rebooted I had no internet access over any network method. What would it take for the debian installation to copy the network settings from the installer to the target system as it makes no sence why networking would be setup and working during a text based installation but not in the target system? What file should I edit to add my wireless network as well as my wired network using DHCP so they both will work when my text based system boots? Nick Gawronski

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