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"Please type enter to use this sound board" in d-i?


Trying speech synthesis for the upcoming d-i release (see just uploaded
debian-installer 20160516), as usual with:

    kvm -soundhw all mini.iso -m 1G

I'm noticing a new prompt before the installation even starts, after the
(I think usual) “amixer: Invalid command!” messages:

    Please type enter to use this sound board

which gets repeated every few seconds.

This doesn't seem to happen if I pass a single device to kvm, using

    kvm -soundhw ac97 mini.iso -m 1G

so I'm going to suppose this is a desired behaviour, cycling across
sound boards to get some user feedback as to the one which needs to be
used for the installation process.

I haven't built the usual diff based on changelogs between past release
and this release yet, and I'll be probably getting a confirmation while
doing so; but since accessibility is an important topic, I wanted to
make sure this was getting mentioned to both lists.


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