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MENGUAL Jean-Philippe schrieb am 27.04.2016, 20:01 +0200:
>After test of various OCR, I feel that Tesseract, the most advanced OCR
>engine on Linux, hasn't noawadays all ways to be as performant as
>commercial utilities. Even if it's wrapped in some tools like Lios
>or gimagereader, the performance is still difficult to use for "basic"
>users (I mean, the Windows users who don't have any technical knowledge
>or who use computer just for needs).
I expect you don't mean performance as a technical term? Regarding technically,
I think Tesseract performs all right.

>And we needed a quick solution, so that the GNU/Linux OS could be usable
>by everyone now, including OCR matter, so that they buy service and
>finance our devs projects for free software. But I wonder now if some
>usual GNU/Linux users here could be interested by such a product. What
>we reach now is a suite for 200E, including:
>- Abbyy FindReader 11, unlimited in number of pages thanks to an
>agreement between Abbyy and Hypra based on the fact we do a free program
>and designed for blind people with specifific needs in OCR,
Well if it's a really recent version of Finereader, I'd be interested.

>- A package to run it on MATE. 2 ways:
>* from an image file, right-click, choose the proper option
>* from a scanner: we give a command to create a binding (as ours in
>linked against Compiz).
Recognizing images is probably the most interesting feature for me, Tesseract
works (mostly) fine for my daily mail. However it should also recognize PDF's,
which Finereader does anyway.

Please let me know when there's development in this direction.

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