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After test of various OCR, I feel that Tesseract, the most advanced OCR
engine on Linux, hasn't noawadays all ways to be as performant as
commercial utilities. Even if it's wrapped in some tools like Lios
or gimagereader, the performance is still difficult to use for "basic"
users (I mean, the Windows users who don't have any technical knowledge
or who use computer just for needs).

That's why I had a look at what provide proprietary world, waiting for
having money enough to create a full OCR suite, free and based on
Tesseract. Create or improve, as Lios and gimagereader are
excellent points of beginning, but some things are hard to understand
for our users in GUI (after tests).

And we needed a quick solution, so that the GNU/Linux OS could be usable
by everyone now, including OCR matter, so that they buy service and
finance our devs projects for free software. But I wonder now if some
usual GNU/Linux users here could be interested by such a product. What
we reach now is a suite for 200E, including:
- Abbyy FindReader 11, unlimited in number of pages thanks to an
agreement between Abbyy and Hypra based on the fact we do a free program
and designed for blind people with specifific needs in OCR,
- A package to run it on MATE. 2 ways:
* from an image file, right-click, choose the proper option
* from a scanner: we give a command to create a binding (as ours in
linked against Compiz).

I precise that the utility could also use Tesseract if FindReader is
missing, but in such case, it will be free.

Would some users interested by such solution? I "like" it as it
introduces OCR on GNU/Linux and enable some unusual users to come.
Waiting for a full "libre" solution, accessible for such people.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL
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Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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