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I'd be also interested in OCR for linux. OCR is one of the less reasons 
why I still have to use Windows or the Mac.



On Mi, Apr 27, 2016 at 07:35:26 -0500, Nick Gawronski wrote:
>Hi, Yes I would very much be interested in such an option.  Not just for 
>the GUI but for small systems like the raspberrypi and the camera module 
>having a program that could snap the image then run the OCR engine then 
>read and save the text into a text file of course keeping the image.  If 
>tools already exist for the console to do the OCR I would like to know 
>about them.  Nick Gawronski
>On 4/27/2016 1:01 PM, MENGUAL Jean-Philippe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> After test of various OCR, I feel that Tesseract, the most advanced OCR
>> engine on Linux, hasn't noawadays all ways to be as performant as
>> commercial utilities. Even if it's wrapped in some tools like Lios
>> or gimagereader, the performance is still difficult to use for "basic"
>> users (I mean, the Windows users who don't have any technical knowledge
>> or who use computer just for needs).
>> That's why I had a look at what provide proprietary world, waiting for
>> having money enough to create a full OCR suite, free and based on
>> Tesseract. Create or improve, as Lios and gimagereader are
>> excellent points of beginning, but some things are hard to understand
>> for our users in GUI (after tests).
>> And we needed a quick solution, so that the GNU/Linux OS could be usable
>> by everyone now, including OCR matter, so that they buy service and
>> finance our devs projects for free software. But I wonder now if some
>> usual GNU/Linux users here could be interested by such a product. What
>> we reach now is a suite for 200E, including:
>> - Abbyy FindReader 11, unlimited in number of pages thanks to an
>> agreement between Abbyy and Hypra based on the fact we do a free program
>> and designed for blind people with specifific needs in OCR,
>> - A package to run it on MATE. 2 ways:
>> * from an image file, right-click, choose the proper option
>> * from a scanner: we give a command to create a binding (as ours in
>> linked against Compiz).
>> I precise that the utility could also use Tesseract if FindReader is
>> missing, but in such case, it will be free.
>> Would some users interested by such solution? I "like" it as it
>> introduces OCR on GNU/Linux and enable some unusual users to come.
>> Waiting for a full "libre" solution, accessible for such people.
>> Regards,

Christian Schoepplein - <chris (at) schoeppi.net> - http://schoeppi.net

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