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"[window title] inaccessible": where does it come from, and what does it mean?


As you may know from my interaction [1] with Alejandro Piñeiro, who has
given me some useful suggestions, I'm trying to develop a very simple
accessible application using ATK but without GTK+ or any other toolkit.

My current standalone program uses SDL to draw a window and manage a few
events; later I'll have to graft the thing into a Compiz plugin, but the
core of the problem doesn't change.

I've made some progress, mostly thanks to Alejandro.  In particular now
I have a widget tree for my application showing up in Accerciser which
looks like it's supposed to, but when I switch to my application's
window with a window manager (say Marco) the screen reader vocalizes the
window title followed by "inaccessible", and the application state is
not vocalized and doesn't show up in Braille -- I'm using the X11 driver
of brltty, which works correctly with other applications implementing

My program has a root ATK object, implementing some interface; as far as
I can see it looks reasonable, and similar to a sample GTK+ application
I wrote to compare.  Where does this "inaccessible" come from, exactly?
The string doesn't appear in the Marco source code.  Which criterion
should I satisfy, exactly, for the screen reader not to give up?

Thanks in advance,

[1] http://osdir.com/ml/debian-accessibility/2015-06/msg00033.html

Luca Saiu
HYPRA -- Progressons ensemble : http://hypra.fr

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