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Re: Describing an application state in ATK, without Gtk


On 2015-06-26 at 12:20, Alejandro Piñeiro wrote:

> On atk/at-spi it is assumed that you would provide a root object for the
> accessibility object hierarchy. On ATK you do that by providing a
> implementation of AtkUtil.

Yes, I had already done so after your first reply; that is in fact
necessary for Accerciser to display my widget tree at all.  Apart from
the questionable naming of AtkUtil, as you say, it's not surprising that
I need to inform ATK, and from that the bridge, about my root object.

But unfortunately that's not sufficient for my ATK methods to be called
or for my application to be recognized as "accessible" when I switch to
its window.  For that I'm still trying to explicitly emit signals via
g_signal_emit_by_name.  Do you think that's the wrong way ?


Luca Saiu
HYPRA -- Progressons ensemble : http://hypra.fr

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