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Re: Command-line utility to display text on the Braille terminal

On 2015-04-23 at 10:26, Samuel Thibault wrote:

> Luca Saiu, le Thu 23 Apr 2015 09:31:55 +0200, a écrit :
>> I guess it's harder than just cat'ting a string to the Braille terminal
>> device file; if not, how do I find the device, querying brltty?
> What you are looking for is brlapi.
> However, when will you precisely want to print the text? When the window
> switch actually happens, or when tabbing between applications before
> switching?

When the window is finally chosen (by the user unpressing keys) the
title is *already* vocalized correctly -- either by the window decorator
or by the application itself; I don't remember which, but it's not
important now.

> If the latter, [when tabbing, my case] then brlapi should be fine: just connect, print what you
> want, and disconnect just before switching.

Indeed, I need vocalization and Braille output when tabbing to give the
user feedback when moving within the list of windows; it's essentially
at keypress.

Even if Compiz needs a few milliseconds to complete its flashy graphical
effect, in some window-switching plugins, the good time for vocalizing
and displaying Braille is at the beginning of this switch operation.

> Now, as you expected I don't think stuffing screen reading in the window
> manager is the right way: how will the user enable/disable speech, how
> will he enable/disable braille?  That's why we have a central screen
> reader to do all the screen reading, and not self-speaking applications.

You're right.  My proposed solution is ugly, but window
selecting/tabbing is completely inaccessible at the present time.

> But actually there is no strict need for ATK/GTK, you can directly use
> dbus, and reimplement the IPCs yourself

This sounds interesting, and much less brutal.  I'll look into it.


Luca Saiu
Hypra team (Accessible website in construction)

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