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Re: Does qt-at-spi actually work with Qt5?

Jason White <jason@jasonjgw.net> writes:

> Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> wrote:
>> What am I missing?  Is this actually *supposed* to work?
> QT accessibility was significantly redesigned for QT5. If memory serves, it
> wasn't released until QT 5.2. The separate QT-AT-SPI should no longer be
> needed.

Oh, interesting.  I actually managed to get it to work, however, it is
not quite clear to me what exactly fixed it.  One thing I immediately
noticed when trying my small mock-up program was, that I did not find a
way to invoke the menu bar from the keyboard.  F10 does not do anything.
Any hints regarding keyboard control of the menu bar would be nice.

> On the other hand, I haven't read any reports (positive or negative) about it.

I can positively confirm that the TextEdit widget seems to work
on Linux and Mac OS X.  This is actually more then I expected, given how
long I am watching Qt Accessibility to take off already (I think the
first discussions were from 2003).


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