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Re: Installer in speech mode


MENGUAL Jean-Philippe, le Sun 11 Jan 2015 19:57:55 +0100, a écrit :
> - Understanding why Speakup doesn't stop with ctrl when it starts speaking
> the boot messages;

It was suggested that it's because Xorg gets started, and thus speakup
can't get keypresses any more. That can't be done for Jessie, but on the
long run we can probably make speakup auto-shut-up when the VT switches
to graphical mode.

> - why are there so boot messages (for this last question, I think it's not a
> problem as otherwise, emergency mode could pop-up without the user know why,
> etc.).

Please see #775131 and #775137, I hope the release team will accept the
one-liner to avoid this issue entirely in the common case.


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