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Installer in speech mode


I have just had a feedback I'd ;ike to share here. Some "basic" users try to install Debian in speech mode. Everything works. But at reboot, while thex expect Orca to speak on Lightdm, they hear a lot of messages in English (boot messages), and are unable to suspend speakup with ctrl key. It's very worrying for such profiles.

So 3 solutions I'd like to discuss with you here:
- adding a question: "Do you want to disable the speech synth before the login screen?" - Understanding why Speakup doesn't stop with ctrl when it starts speaking the boot messages; - why are there so boot messages (for this last question, I think it's not a problem as otherwise, emergency mode could pop-up without the user know why, etc.).

What's your opinion in this? What could be the best solution? Should I report a bug to d-i or linux kernel (speakup modules)?



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