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unusual hardware over here

I got a server as a donation and have a disk for it and was thinking about 
installing debian on it.  The problem is, no sound card and no space for a 
sound card.  I have a litetalk synthesizer made by rcsystems I can use but 
don't know the syntax to have debian find that synthesizer and use it 
assuming that enough of the server works to allow debian to get that far.  
I have retired and am moving out of state at the end of this month so need 
to find out if this server will work or not before then.  It's heavy and 
if I can't get it working I'll have it trashed here and travel lighter.  
Interestingly, the server has a floppy drive that has a floppy disk in it 
but no provision for cd or dvd drives.  Possible internal connections for 
them but nowhere on the exterior of the computer to access those drives.

jude <jdashiel@shellworld.net>

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