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Bug#739188: gnome-orca: python-speechd is gone

On 22/02/14 12:29, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> The only issue I see right now is that 3.10 dropped the binding to start/stop
> Orca, which is now in gnome-settings-daemon 3.10, but we only have 3.8 in sid.
> So we can revert the removal in Orca, or backport the change in
> gnome-settings-daemon. I'll look into the latter.

I've looked a bit into this. Apparently the command Orca had in 3.4 and earlier,
orca+q, was to *quit* orca.

Since 3.10, the binding to quit orca is unbound (but the infrastructure is still
there, so users can still bind that to orca+q or to whatever they want).

Now gnome-settings-daemon has another binding, super+alt+s (by default, but can
be configured) that *toggles* orca on and off. So it can quit orca, but it can
also *start* orca. This seems like an improvement to me. But maybe I'm missing
something. I'm not an orca user.

The change in gnome-settings-daemon is trivial, I can very easily backport it to
3.8/sid (the command to toggle the screen reader is present in 3.8 already, it's
just not bound to anything by default). We just need to figure out what happens
to non-gnome (or more specifically, non-gnome-settings-daemon) users. But since
they only seem to have lost the command to *quit* orca (and they can bring it
back through the orca preferences) I think this is not a big deal and we can go
ahead and upload Orca 3.10.

I think we should backport the gnome-settings-daemon change and bind super+alt+s
so we follow upstream. And we can revert the Orca change and keep binding orca+q
to quit orca (that's a one-liner patch). Or leave it as is (as super+alt+s does
that too) and see if we hear any complaints. Thoughts?


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