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Bug#739188: gnome-orca: python-speechd is gone

On 22-02-14 19:42, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> Non-gnome environments would still work fine... except that the command to start
> and quit orca will not work... by default. The command can be rebinded from
> withing Orca afaik. I'd need to confirm this though. We could probably revert
> this change if we deem it desirable.

I must be reading this wrong. You can only change the option to start
Orca by running Orca, which is not possible... ? Do you really mean it
like I read it, or is it more subtle?

>> I have several enhancements locally, will commit soon. Are you going to
>> upload orca after the above issue is solved, or do you want me to do it?
> Either way is fine with me, feel free to upload if you consider that it is
> ready. Just beware of the above issue, if you think that's important then it may
> make sense to wait until that is solved. But feel free to solve that one too ;)

Depending on your answer to the above question...


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