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Re: Is this true?

I Think kali will remain on gnome. if even not, kali developpers are in contact with debian accessibility team and i'm sure they won't let the distro become inaccessible at the start, because they are supporting blind and visually impaired who are interested in pentesting and security.
Kali is not Debian anyway, they are different systems.

On 2/3/2014 2:49 AM, Doug Smith wrote:

Ok, I was just wondering. Since you are talking about the default install, I hope that an already-running system will not be effected. For example, I have a kali here and I really want to keep it if possible so that I won't have to reinstall.

However, if the desktop changes because the debian stable on which kali is based changes its installed desktop on defaults, I was concerned that this would change. If not, I am going to be fine.


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