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release speech-dispatcher 0.8 with dotconf requirement lowered to 1.0

W dniu 2013-12-22 19:31, Paul Gevers pisze:
If nobody else does the work (e.g. you) I will do it, and call it a team release. That is how I work.

Fine. So we have a fallback solution. Now what my idea was. It's possible to run speech-dispatcher 0.8 without upgrading dotconf from 1.0 to 1.3.

The commit introducing the 1.3 requirement for dotconf is this one:
Commit message:
dot.conf versions before 1.3 have memory allocation issues which can
cause a crash, so we need at least this version.

A report on possible crash is also here, on speechd mailing list:

However Paul did not witness any crash reports regarding speech-dispatcher 0.7 on Debian. Dotconf is used only when reading configuration files, so maybe the problems (if any) can be present only at startup. This makes me think that while having problems with 1.3 dotconf release, we could lower the dotconf requirement to 1.0. I tested this and it seems to work.

If anyone knows about the situation in which old dotconf may cause problems in speech-dispatcher, please let us know.


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