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Re: systemd and accessible vt's

On Di, Dez 03, 2013 at 06:59:13 +0100, Sebastian Humenda wrote:
> Halim Sahin schrieb am 03.12.2013, 18:17 +0100:
> >Last week I've read about a rfc in systemd which tries to implement vt
> >in userspace.
> >In that case config_vt in kernel don't need to be set.
> >If someone tries to remove vt support from kernel completely we.ll loose
> >a great, stable environment.
> This is not fully true, though. BRLTTY and SBL could then run as less-privileged
> processes and wouldn't need root privileges therefore. 

Well if someone writes new screereading routines for that this might be
true but:

> It should now the time to
> figure out:
> * how early boot messages should be read

No not really,
First step would be how to implement screenreading in such environment.

> * what happens after the user logs in:
>     * e.g. end the login-specific screen reader and replace it through a
>       user-specific instance (as with orca)

Now and here comes the point I don't like.
Currently I don't know any distro which has got this setup running
stable for endusers.
My PC in the office starts orca in gdm3.
That process hangs and consumes 100% cpu power after login to gnome.

> and so forth. If we find a solution, we actually get a better experience than
> before.

Well I am not sure about this.

> It's more an oportunity, I think.

Perhaps if screenreading would be possible in their environment.

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