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Re: Bug#729861: emacspeak: fails to upgrade lenny -> squeeze -> wheezy -> jessie

W dniu 2013-11-28 09:30, Samuel Thibault pisze:
Jarek Czekalski, le Thu 28 Nov 2013 09:18:37 +0100, a écrit :
That is: if we decide to run Emacspeak 39 on Emacs 24, don't bother to
support Emacs 23.
I don't think this can work: other packages may not support Emacs 24
yet, and some people probably do use both those other packages *and*

It would be cool to support more Emacs versions, but I can't imagine a reliable testing procedure to catch all possible configurations, upgrade paths and cross Emacs installations and usage. What I would like to have is a default of Emacs 24 with Emacspeak 39 and clear scenarios of how to test Emacspeak, considering Emacs versions.

My idea is to simplify things, but if we can handle the complicated case, no problem.

It's also possible that users needing old Emacs stay with old Emacspeak. Or they can build Emacspeak on their own. Or they can configure it to run through a different Emacs version, themselves. Anyway, I'd make them responsible for version mixing. On the other hand a simple user should receive a fully tested modern configuration.

I am new in Debain release procedure, so please direct me to proper information pages, in case I miss some basics.


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