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Re: Accessibility as a reason to switch to XFCE?

Hi all,
In my point of view debian should really change it's default desktop to
xfce because of the systemd requirement of gnome.
I am not happy with current situation but debian support other os's as
well and systemd is only available for Linux.

At this time I.ll whant to say thx to all people who work on a11y in
gnome and debian. Unfortunately some guys in gnome project made anoying decisions.
Most are design related.
A big mistake is the decision for systemd dependency.

It's really bad that new software like systemd or pulseaudio will make
things hard to handle in linux based systems.

Pulseaudio broke a11y for console screenreaders few years ago and I see
no work in that area. Systemd will force gnome to use the linux kernel
and so other systems like bsd's will get trouble to use it.

+1 it was a bad time to freeze wheezy and ship gnome 3.4 but we should
make it better in next stable :-).
Just my two cents.

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