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Re: Possible Debian User

On Sat, 5 Oct 2013, Hunter Jozwiak wrote:

Hi all. I : a question about starting Debian accessibly with a screenreader so I can install it. I plan to use Virtual-box to do this, and was just wondering how I make it talk when I point VirtualBox to the disk and click start. Thanks for help.

Short answer: Press s and hit enter.

Longer answer: See the information about this in the Installation guide at http://www.debian.org/./releases/stable/i386/ch05s02.html.en#idp6092416 (there are probably equivalent sections in the guides for other architectures.

I believe there's meant to be a beep when it's time to press s but this was not included in the first release of Wheezy (the 7.1 release in June apparently fixed this).

I recently installed Debian under VMWare fusion on a macbooka and it worked beautifully, despite not hearing any beeps (this is a Fusion issue, not Debian). I will hopefully be installing Debian on another PC today.


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