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Re: Orca still broken in Sid - any suggestions?

On 30-07-13 13:22, Jason White wrote:
> Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org> wrote:
> The diff is a 195K xz file when I compress it, perhaps not suitable for
> appending to a bug report.

That happens with a new upstream. I would recommend to filter out the
content of the package itself and ONLY report the debdiff of the debian dir.

> There are still some lintian warnings to be dealt with, and I may have made
> other mistakes. Is there anyone I could send it to for comments?

If you publish it somewhere, I can have a look, but I also really
recommend you to e-mail the maintainer directly or even better, add this
information to the bug report, so that your progress is logged in a
public place. If the maintainer remains silent for a long time (even
after pinging) additional steps might be appropriate, but you have to
give the maintainer of the package a few chances.

> I can now build version 1.3 and install it (with multi-arch support included).
> I've tried to modernize the packaging properly, but again, I've probably
> overlooked issues.

Hmm, I would only do these kind of changes if the maintainer is ok with
that. If people propose debdiff's for my packages, I usually find that
inappropriate if they did not ask beforehand.

I suggest you read the documentation on NMU in the developers reference,
as a lot is valid for this kind of help with maintainers:

We might eventually even make an NMU for dotconf, but only after
following the right procedures.


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