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Web Accessibility Study (can be done remotely)

Hi all,

My name is Louis Li, and I am a researcher at the Intelligent
Interactive Systems Group at Harvard. I am currently seeking
participants for a remote web study to evaluate some systems for
improving web accessibility. I've attached the description below.
Please feel free to forward this announcement to anybody else who
might be interested in hearing about this study.

Thanks for your time.

We are currently seeking participants for a study to evaluate new
technologies that we hope will make it easier for people with motor
impairments to click on small items on the screen.
-- The study can be completed on your own computer from your own home
-- The study consists of 200 clicking tasks (selecting items from
different menu designs)
-- The study takes between 40 and 60 minutes depending on individual
-- We will compensate each participant with a $20 Amazon.com gift
certificate for their time

We are seeking participants:
-- who experience moderate or severe difficulty in moving their hands
to click on small objects on the screen or who use specialized
assistive technologies to control the mouse pointer
-- who are 18 or older
-- who have access to a laptop or desktop computer (tablets like iPads
cannot be used for this study)

If you would like to participate in the study or if you have question,
please contact Louis Li at louisli@college.harvard.edu or 925-679-5064

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