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Re: using daisy player with nls books

Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org> wrote:
> I think that Jos (the upstream creator of daisy-player) is unaware of
> encrypted Daisy books, so he has not implemented this feature yet. I
> will ask Jos about it. However, I don't think we have encrypted books in
> Holland, so if he would be interested, help to get in contact with the
> appropriate authorities would be great.

We don't have encrypted books here either.

There are two versions of the encryption standard for Daisy. The first version
cannot be supported by free software because the encryption algorithm is kept
confidential. I disagree strongly with this and I made my views well known at
the time the decision was taken. 

For the second (newer) version, there's a specification on the Daisy Web site,
which it may be possible to implement in free software.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't surprise me at all if some organizations that
supply encrypted books are using the older scheme even now.

If you think that's all unfair, then it's time to support the FSF in its
campaign against DRM. I personally think DRM will eventually fail and die out
for the most part - it's a losing battle on the part of content providers to
control users by technical means - but, in the meantime, lots of people are
going to be inconvenienced to a greater or lesser degree.

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