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Re: When will the orca screen reader work again?

Hallo Doug,

I'll answer those points where I think I can *maybe* help.

Doug Smith schrieb am 02.06.2013, 21:01 -0400:
>4. When all the packages are installed and orca is working properly again, can
>someone please help me to set up the talking login screen for the gnome
I think someone can. Have you tried the instructions on the wiki?
I have here stable and unstable on the same machine and both work good, but I
have to admit that I don't use a graphical login manager but startx instead.

>5. I now have orca in my startup applications for gnome because it wouldn't
>work on 3.4, even with the screen reader enabled in the access menu on the
>desktop main menu.  Will I have to take this out and do any additional
Before the next upgrade of Orca, you can remove this entry, do the upgrade and
try to activate Orca's support like mentioned in the wiki or by configuring orca
with orca -t.

>7. Is there anything I can do to help work on the problem that might
>temporarily get orca working again on this machine? 
Could you please describe exactly what is not working with your orca setup?

>8. When the new packages are installed on this machine, will orca just start
>working again, or will we have to do anything to it?
See above, it should be working again, but it should be work now as well.

>9. When you decide what version of the kernel to include in the next release,
>will it just come down to testing from unstable and be installed like any other
>package, or will we have to install it separately?
Kernels get automatically installed/configured in Debian, so you have not to do
anything, except you have compiled your own.

>10. I decided to use debian because of its stability, and this has proved to be
>true.  Thanks for a good system that works even without the desktop component.
>In the future, in order to avoid this happening again, how long would you
>recommend waiting after the next stable release before running 
>any upgrades?
This is the first release where I saw some serious things go wrong, releases
before were quite good (this one is also quite good, but has its bugs).
The suggestion IMHO would be: test it maybe 1 month after the freeze whether
everything is working, e. g. set up a chroot or install Debian in a virtual
machine and report bugs you find. This will help find errors before the release.
I have to admit that I haven't done this myself, but we could have found some
problems before releasing. The usual way (and before IMHO it was mostly) is that
everything is working after a release, at least for stable :).

>11. Why does mplayer crash instead of showing videos on the command line? 
This is a quite general question. My mplayer only does show black/white-Images,
but I have no motivation to look into it, under GNOME everything works well.
Do you use VGA-mode or a framebuffer device? Try
cat /proc/fb
and tell us the output.
Or try mplayer -vo svgalib

>12.  Why does pulseaudio constantly roll errors on the first text console about
>not opening slave and a few more when it is working properly? 
For me pulseaudio together with a command line screenreader is unusable, that's
why I disabled it. But when the errors don't affect you, just ignore them.

>Well, this is all I have to ask.  I didn't mean to puvv up my system, but, I
>hope it can be fixed soon.  I will be most greatful when it is.  Most of 
Maybe I didn't get the point of your questions, but please describe exactly what
is not working with your Orca setup.

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