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Bug#704068: brltty: obsolete-conffile as told by adequate


shirish शिरीष, le Wed 27 Mar 2013 20:39:34 +0530, a écrit :
> Adequate reports that brltty has an obsolete conffile. Please fix the same.
> $ adequate brltty
> brltty: obsolete-conffile /etc/brltty/brl-sk-all.ktb

I'm not sure we really want to see newer versions of brltty to be
dropping previously-provided tables, at least since the user might have
configured their use in their brltty.conf, and wouldn't like to see
that broken just because the table was renamed or removed upstream.
That however means cluttering /etc/brltty with whatever table name has
existed in the packages that have been installed in the past.

So I'm wondering: do we prefer to keep existing tables, even if that
means keeping even oldies in /etc/brltty, which is usually frowned upon
in Debian?

Note: we're not here talking about tables that the user would have
modified. These would never be dropped automatically.


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