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Re: Bug#696969: rootskel-gtk: Improve theme=dark, especially the banner

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> (30/12/2012):
> Maybe just use the same solid background color as the rest of the
> screen, to make the output as simple as possible. The diamond-shaped
> dot can probably remain pink indeed.

ACK; Paul ↑ ;)

> I'm not sure why you consider the rest of the screen as nasty. I
> guess the dark blue background was used because IIRC there are
> studies saying that it'd be nicer than just black.

Probably because of a poor choice of words. I should have mentioned it
wasn't in line with either squeeze's or wheezy's colours. And yeah,
having a specific colour isn't entirely insane. :)

Here are the comments at the top of the gtkrc file:
| # High-Contrast, Large Print, Inverse Video Theme v0.1
| # This is the whole basic theme, just this one gtkrc file.
| # It uses components of the standard theme engine
| # Written by Bill Haneman, based on Standard theme by T. Liebeck,
| # which was in turn based on lots of different gtkrc files but
| # primarily the one for the metal theme.
| # email: bill.haneman@sun.com

Either that or a README should probably mention that point, so that
there's no regression in future releases because somebody thought
updating colours in all themes was the way to go. ;) (Hello whoever is
managing d-i and desktop themes in a few months/years!)


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