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Bug#696969: rootskel-gtk: Improve theme=dark, especially the banner

Package: rootskel-gtk
Version: 1.26
Severity: normal
Tags: d-i

Hi -boot@/-accessibility@/Paul,

as mentioned on IRC, when enabling accessibility through theme=dark
(warning, it’s been broken for a while, see the other rootskel-gtk bug
report on that topic), one gets a quite nasty screen, see attached

I think we could improve the gtk theme, but that might wait until we
switch (if we do that) to gtk3.

Nonetheless, I'd be happy to see an improved banner soonish; I'd suggest
something like a solid background color, and just a white debian
text+swirl there (maybe keep a pink, diamond-shaped dot on the 'i').

If people on -accessibility have more hints to improve that screen,
please report back. ;)


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