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Re: hints for pulseaudio in wheezy

On So, Dez 16, 2012 at 04:41:46 +1100, Daniel Dalton wrote:
> Are you just using speechd-up with speakup, so that it can use
> speech-dispatcher? Or should espeakup actually work as well? 

I use sbl at the textconsole.
Espeakup should work as well if it uses alsa in espeak (not sure). I am
not using it.

> Only problem is that it seems to have disabled sound in the gdm3 log in
> screen i.e. pressing up arrow at the top of the list no longer plays the
> alert sound. Though this is really not a problem, unless the bug with
> orca starting with gdm3 is fixed and thus sound can't work for orca. 

Well, gdm3 starts it's own copy of pulseaudio.
Place the posted default.pa for the gdm user in $HOME/.pulse.

> BTW, how are people dealling with the log in screen? 
> Just a blind log in or using startx? Or is there a better method. 
> Auto log in is another option I suppose. 

In squeeze I use accessible login with orca.
Have a look in debianwiki.

> I know it works on squeez, so I'm referring to wheezey here. 

I didn't test it in wheezy.

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