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Re: hints for pulseaudio in wheezy

On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 09:23:52PM +0100, Halim Sahin wrote:
> Hi,
> Unfortunately next stable debian' graphical desktop 
> will highly depend on pulseaudio.
> aptitude show gnome-core


> So here are some hints how to deal with this .... situation:
> - place the attached default.pa in ~/.pulse
> The changes are that pulseaudio can't block the audio device.
> - sudo rm /usr/share/alsa/pulse-alsa.conf
> - You can now enable speech-dispatcher in /etc/default/speech-dispatcher
>   and use it for console screenreader of your choice and orca
> - use libao in speechd.conf (more stable than native alsa).

Thank you very much - you saved me many frustrating hours!:)

Are you just using speechd-up with speakup, so that it can use
speech-dispatcher? Or should espeakup actually work as well? 

Only problem is that it seems to have disabled sound in the gdm3 log in
screen i.e. pressing up arrow at the top of the list no longer plays the
alert sound. Though this is really not a problem, unless the bug with
orca starting with gdm3 is fixed and thus sound can't work for orca. 

BTW, how are people dealling with the log in screen? 
Just a blind log in or using startx? Or is there a better method. 
Auto log in is another option I suppose. 
I know it works on squeez, so I'm referring to wheezey here. 

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