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Iceweasel Fails to detect that accessibility is enabled on the Gnome 3 desktop

Package: iceweasel
Version: 10.0.6esr-1
Severity: normal

Debian now uses the Gnome 3 accessibility infrastructure (AT-SPI 2, Orca 3.4,
etc.). Iceweasel 10.x is unable to detect that accessibility is enabled under
Gnome 3 and it is therefore inaccessible to Orca users unless work-arounds are
in place (i.e., GNOME_ACCESSIBILITY=1 is set in the environment by the user).

The patch to fix this appears to have been integrated as of Firefox 11:
and I can confirm that it is working (I use Iceweasel 14 from experimental).

Would it be possible to backport the patch to the version of Gecko that will
be included in Wheezy?

This is becoming a FAQ on the Debian accessibility and Orca mailing lists -
users keep encountering this bug after installing testing.

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