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Re: Mozilla

Le jeudi 26 juillet 2012 à 09:35 +1000, Jason White a écrit :
> Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> wrote:
> This is about the fourth or fifth time this question has been asked.

I remember indeed, reading the Trev's solution. But I didn't think it could work also for Mozilla's apps. And I hoped it was fixed now, as I reported the "bug" a long time ago for a gnome apps, and a lot of things have been done since this bugreport.

Anyway, I couldn't create the symlink, gtk-2.0 doesn't exist in my new system (just installed wheezy). However, export GNOME_ACCESSIBILITY=1 works. 

> As I
> understand it, Mozilla code had to be updated to use DBus to detect whether
> accessibility is enabled on the desktop, but this didn't happen until 11.0 (or
> 12.0?)
> Maybe the Debian maintainers should push that patch into the version they'll be
> including in the release.

Yes I think. Should I report some bug to iceweasel maintainers? Explaining the problem and the workaround? 

> I prefer to run 14.0 though - I'm not the kind of person who runs Debian
> stable on a laptop or workstation.

I think we should anyway try making things 9ork in wheezy as we're fixing bugs. Because any new user will not understand why stable doesn't work perfectly for him for apps as important as Mozilla's suite.

Best regards,

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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