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Re: Lowering default espeakup speed?

Sebastian Humenda, le Mon 23 Jul 2012 17:19:03 +0200, a écrit :
> >so I'm wondering whether the current default speed (the average) is
> >really a good default value.  People who want fast speed are usually
> >also those who are able to find in the documentation how to request
> >speed increase, while those who prefer a slow speed are often beginners
> >who have no clue about such things.  So the idea would be that the
> >default would be a "welcoming" slow speed, which people would be able to
> Is the current default speed the one you refering to e. g. by invoking espeak on
> the shell (-s 150)?

No, it's quite faster. As said in the title, I mean the default espeakup
speed :) (rated 5 there) From what I read in the espeakup source, that'd
be espeak -s 254.  It indeed hears so in my ears.

I was thinking about espeakup rate 2 or 3, which are -s 152 and -s 186.

> This one should be ok, since it's already very slow. People
> I've met (and which didn't use a speech synthesizer before) understood text
> spoken with this speed.

I agree.

> In general, I think a „welcoming” speed is the best.



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