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Bug#680638: brltty: Not fully translated preferences menu

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <texou@accelibreinfo.eu> writes:

> Le samedi 07 juillet 2012 à 13:51 -0300, Samuel Thibault a écrit :
>> Jean-Philippe MENGUAL, le Sat 07 Jul 2012 16:10:55 +0200, a écrit :
>> >    * What was the outcome of this action? Some items, such as "Text presentation" are not translated. However I was sure I did. Maybe it's in brltty 4.4.
>> It's in brltty 4.4.
>> > An update could be useful?
>> Yes, see Dave's mail on the list, he requested updated translations.  If
>> you can work on it before the release, we can include them into wheezy.
> After confirmation by Dave, French translation is up-to-date. So in 4.4, it will be updated. I remember that I had translated this strings. 

Yes, you tried, but you made an oversight.
The particular message mentioned in this bug is marked as fuzzy in
BRLTTY's upstream repository:

#: Programs/menu_prefs.c:456
#, fuzzy
msgid "Text Presentation"
msgstr "Présentation du texte"

Please learn about fuzzy msgids in gettext and deal with them once you
update your translation.

This is not a Debian bug.  Once you have submitted a patch to upstream
svn to fix the fuzziness of this msgid we might pick up the patch on one
of our next uploads.

Since you are the translator, in the future, if at all possible, please
test your translations locally before sending them to upstream.  Testing
them *after* a release and submitting bugs against Debian seems a bit
strange to me considering that you are involved directly with upstream.

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