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Re: (forw) Switch to graphical installer by default?

(taking the time to answer more thoroughly, now that the free Internet
period in my airport is over).

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL, le Sun 08 Jul 2012 00:33:55 +0200, a écrit :
> But the problem is that orca only works with GTK.

The g-i debconf frontend happens to be in GTK :)

I believe that it would be completely feasible to make sure that the gtk
debconf frontend is accessible: it's all just a limited set of widgets.
We "just" need to add udebs for all the components that will be needed.
That'd mean a lot: orca is written in python, for instance ;)

With the small amount of manpower, let's indeed focus on the text
installer for now.

> the GUI wouldn't bring anything,

Well, I guess at least for speech synthesis some people may find it
easier to use. speakup still has issues with questions with a lot of
choices: the language question, for instance, is a pain to listen to.


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