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Re: Bug#674111: brltty: /sbin/brltty fails to startup on early init, due dynamic linking with libraries in /usr filesystem

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:
> We are aware of the issue. People however want to have brltty started
> as early as possible, and particularly before filesystems mounts are
> attempted, since that's their only way to read when it fails.  The
> current statu quo is that we prefer that over separate /usr.

I would expect a separate /usr to be less common now than it once was. In
fact, Fedora recently decided to make it impossible by moving the entire
system into /usr, a controversial decision that may be followed by other
distributions (though probably not by debian for a long time, if ever, because
there are likely to be some Debian users who really need/want a separate /usr
and that will be sufficient to ensure it doesn't happen).

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