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Bug#674111: brltty: /sbin/brltty fails to startup on early init, due dynamic linking with libraries in /usr filesystem


Commenting a bit on the bug at stake, thanks for reporting it.

Witold Baryluk, le Wed 23 May 2012 06:37:58 +0200, a écrit :
> Just to say, I'm not using brltty, but it failes on startup:
> Starting brltty...  /sbin/brltty: error while loading shared libraries:
> libicui18n.so.48 : no such file
> Problem is that brltty is started much too early by init script machinery, and
> this is mainly due wrong dependencies in init script.
> I belive they should be updated, to include $local_fs or even $remote_fs in
> Required-Start: and Required-Stop fields.

We are aware of the issue. People however want to have brltty started
as early as possible, and particularly before filesystems mounts are
attempted, since that's their only way to read when it fails.  The
current statu quo is that we prefer that over separate /usr.


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