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Re: Debian linux howto start in textmode

Hello Claudio,

Claudio Sacco <cl.sacco@evard.ch> schrieb am 09.11.2011, 10:02 +0100:
>sighted person installed debian Linux for me. When linux starts and I reach
>the login screen, I'm in graphic mode with Orca loaded. How can I change
>this. I would like to have Linux start into my login screen in text mode
You have to either uninstall gdm3 or disable it. If you don't need a login
manager, run
# apt-get remove gdm3
But I recommend to disable gdm3 by default by running
# update-rc.d -f apache2 remove
I do that with the help of the program rcconf, which shows you a nice list of
services which can be enabled via the space key.

Have you already took a look at

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