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Re: [PATCH] enable libao support in speech-dispatcher for debian squeeze

Hello Halim and all that followed this thread,

sorry for replying only now, but I was on vacation last week.

I am sceptical about stable update of speech-dispatcher. I honestly don't really have enough experience with Debian to have the right intuition whether an update is stable-worthy or not, but from what I noticed the approach is usually "is it a security bug? no? then no stable update".

However I am open to provide current testing version into squeeze-backports. I think just a recompile should be needed in such case, since libao support is already part of unstable/testing. However before that, I must look into 3 bugs reported against 0.7.1-6. It would be best if I solved them in 0.7.1-7 and provided backport to squeeze for such fixed version.

So let's wait how these bugs turn out, and then I will provide the backports version, it should be just a recompile of what is in unstable currently.

Another point is that the unstable version builds debug packages, so it would be great after the backport is available, if you installed the -dbg and tried to reproduce the crash of the sd_* module in alsa code with full backtrace.

Best regards,

31.7.2011 v 11:35, Halim Sahin:

> hi,
> I was able to rebuild speech-dispatcher with libao support in squeeze (patch
> attached).
> It would be great if one of you debian packagers can apply the patch to
> speech-dispatcher and push it to squeeze-backports.
> Thx.
> Regards
> halim
> <libao-patch.diff>

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