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you'll find a new Debian package, with all needed. I would like to add
it to Debian. Could someone sponsor it? Here it works fine. It porvides
three scripts to improve speakup_soft modules: one allows to localize
the messages of the module, another allows to change speech synthetiser
on the fly, the third is speakupconf and handles the save of some user
settings. runs It's very convinient, in particular because it contents
speakupconf, which can be the base of future larger settings, and more
flexibility of speakup. It includes a basic doc, the main is on the
speakup website, but anyway, scripts are easy to understand. That's also
why there's no manpage for speakup_setlocale. 

I made it on sid, and I can maintain it.

Thanks for the sponsoring. I wait for feedbacks.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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