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Re: Running a speakup connector

I'd support loading the modules and printing a message at the end of the 
run telling the user speakup connector process in this instance was 
enabled by these modules and the user may if desired remove them ith 
rmmod. On Mon, 18 Jul 2011, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:

> Hi,
> In lenny, to make speakup speak with voxin (ibmtts), I used a connector.
> As it doesn't work anymore on squeeze, and debugging it is nearly
> impossible, I'm preparing a package for Debian: speechd-up. speechd-up
> allows to connect a speech synthetiser to speech-dispatcher and to
> speakup.
> I've a strategic question to submit. There are 2 options: loading
> speakup and speakup_soft automatically at the starting of the daemon
> speechd-up. The advantage is that the user has immediately something
> which works. But maybe the user wants to use speechd-up without speakup.
> We can also choose not loading these modules automatically, but printing
> a message at the end of the installation, which says: "Add these modules
> to /etc/modules". As in espeakup, it let user do what he/she wants. But
> it introduces the need for him to do something.
> I think we should load at every starting of the daemon. Because
> speechd-up or espeakup has no sense without speakup modules. But it's my
> opinion, I'd like to know if you agree. If you do, maybe we could apply
> to espeakup the same change.
> I wait for your opinion. Then I'll send the package and ask for sponsor.
> Regards,
> Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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