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Running a speakup connector


In lenny, to make speakup speak with voxin (ibmtts), I used a connector.
As it doesn't work anymore on squeeze, and debugging it is nearly
impossible, I'm preparing a package for Debian: speechd-up. speechd-up
allows to connect a speech synthetiser to speech-dispatcher and to

I've a strategic question to submit. There are 2 options: loading
speakup and speakup_soft automatically at the starting of the daemon
speechd-up. The advantage is that the user has immediately something
which works. But maybe the user wants to use speechd-up without speakup.

We can also choose not loading these modules automatically, but printing
a message at the end of the installation, which says: "Add these modules
to /etc/modules". As in espeakup, it let user do what he/she wants. But
it introduces the need for him to do something.

I think we should load at every starting of the daemon. Because
speechd-up or espeakup has no sense without speakup modules. But it's my
opinion, I'd like to know if you agree. If you do, maybe we could apply
to espeakup the same change.

I wait for your opinion. Then I'll send the package and ask for sponsor.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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