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Re: FYI: gnome-speech is deprecated

Le lundi 04 juillet 2011 à 15:41 +0200, Mario Lang a écrit :
> Hi.
> Do the speech-dispatcher maintainers plan to support non-free speech 
> backends in the Debian packaging?

I believe upstream specch-dispatcher now ships these speech synthetisers. I hope a Debian package, even in nonfree, will support them too. It would imply splitting spd in 2 packages, not convinient to maintain I guess, but a good thing to be compliant with policy.

Anyway I plan to package speechd-up, probably after Libre Software Meeting where I hope I'll learn making packages (at least basics, to start and doing something).


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> CYa@DebConf11,
>   ⡍⠁⠗⠊⠕
Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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