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Re: iceweasel

Kenny Hitt <kenny@hittsjunk.net> wrote:
> Hi.  It worked fine here.  I've been running it for a few days now.

I have too. It will probably be better when the Orca package is updated,
though, as there were changes to the Gecko script in Orca shortly before
version 3.0, as I remember.
> Glad to be using the debian package for firefox 5.0 instead of a binary in my home dir.
> Maybe you shouldn't try running experimental until you understand Debian packaging better.
> If you wait a while, it should get uploaded to unstable.  That might be the best for you.

It will be a while: the new version of xulrunner breaks various packages in
unstable, so they're waiting for those issues to be resolved, according to a
blog post that I read last week. That's why unstable is still at version

For those of us who don't have any of the affected packages installed, all
should be fine, as it is for me.

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