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Re: Debian without screen

loredana <llcfree@gmail.com> (04/05/2011):
> What I am asking for is to keep text configuration files by default,
> because they could be really useful in solving in a very simple and
> generalized way plenty of problems, or just for documentation and
> pedagogic purposes.

Because it's not useful at all to have boilerplate there, because we
have plenty of documentation already (the accessibility wiki page, the
pkg-xorg documentation[1], the various X manpages), because it's a
pain to maintain upgrade paths for configuration files, etc.

 1. http://pkg-xorg.alioth.debian.org/

There's also -configure to generate a big fat xorg.conf with many
stuff, but most of them are useless, so creating a file from scratch
with a few targeted instructions is probably the best way for

(If you're wondering, I maintain X within Debian.)


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