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Re: Problem in the installation manual

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL, le Thu 28 Apr 2011 15:41:56 +0200, a écrit :
> Section 5.2, about speech synthetisers. The manual says one thing then
> opposed thing. It explains first that the user needs to choose
> "Graphical mode" so that the speech synthetiser works. But at the end,
> it explains that the text version is automatically selected.

Yes. The graphical image is just about enabling the possibility of
graphical mode. It doesn't mean the text mode is not available (and
speakup needs it anyway).

> I've to select Graphical mode but actually it runs
> text version when I use a speech synthetiser.

That's it, and it's not a bug.

> If it runs in text mode, useless to choose graphical mode.

You have to, else you won't have speakup. Yes, it looks odd, but that's
the compromise we've found with debian-boot: the textmode image remains
small (it doesn't include speakup), while the graphical image can hold

> It would be easier to only say: do tab, enter speakup.synth=driver and
> it runs in text mode.

That won't work: speakup is not in the text image.

> No choice is needed.

You have to choose graphical mode, else you won't have speakup. And how
to choose graphical mode depends on the precise CD image that you have,
and architecture.


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