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Problem in the installation manual


Before reporting a bug, I wanted to know if it can be solved in another
way or if I miss understand something.

Section 5.2, about speech synthetisers. The manual says one thing then
opposed thing. It explains first that the user needs to choose
"Graphical mode" so that the speech synthetiser works. But at the end,
it explains that the text version is automatically selected. So if I
read that, I think: either a contradiction, or I've to understand a bug
in the installer: I've to select Graphical mode but actually it runs
text version when I use a speech synthetiser. If it runs in text mode,
useless to choose graphical mode. It would be easier to only say: do
tab, enter speakup.synth=driver and it runs in text mode. No choice is



Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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